What Makes Checkd In Stand Out?

Checkd In is not any regular social media app but the ideal platform for businesses and general users to build meaningful connections and yield the benefits of socialization.

General User App

Ready to socialize and connect with the current happenings?

All your social activities under one umbrella with Checkd In. Foster authentic connections, discover tailored events, book tickets, join forums, and share thoughts—all in one user-friendly platform. Elevate your social life and make every interaction a special one with Checkd In Social.

Business User App

Want to sign up as a business owner, generating earnings on events?

Make Checkd In your go to social media platform for promoting and scheduling events with seamless ecommerce and analytical integration allowing you to manage events proficiently. A user-friendly interface accompanied with highly advanced tools, makes Checkd In your ideal event organizing partner.

General User App

Connect with friends, attend events and fully live every moment of your life with Checkd In.

  • Attend Events and get certificates
  • Create Posts & forums
  • Increase your network
  • Book an Appointment with professionals

Join Checkd In and let your social life flourish like never before!

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